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Affordable wedding packages

All weddings are covered by two cameras to get the best possible angles and shots of the happy couple and the guests. We use industry standard radio microphones to gain the best possible close up sound quality for the service and the speeches.

Some couples only want the service filmed so we offer this too. We can also offer a bespoke service for anything you may require.

Included in the package

Three DVD’s or three BluRay’S all in cases with sleeve artwork , if wanted we will also give you the wedding on a USB drive.

Optional services


Drone shots of the reception venue and guests (weather permitting) the drone camera will be out sourced from another company.

Video guestbook

This is where friends and family can come and leave a personal message for the couple at the reception.

Highlights video

This is where you take the best parts of the day and condense it into a ten minute film with music.

Getting ready

Getting ready is just as it sounds the filming of the couple getting ready in the morning or their big day.

Video montage

This is where we take photos of the happy couple in various stages of growing up and create a montage to a favourite song  .


Service only, church arrivals, service, and groups then leaving£550
Full wedding day, church arrivals, up to the third dance at the reception£999
Picture montage at the start£40
Bride getting ready£50
Video guestbook£70
Wedding highlights uploaded onto YouTube£30
Additional DVD per copy£9
Additional BluRay per copy£14
Additional USB stick per copy£13
Exterior drone shots of venue and guests (weather dependent)£325

Photo restoration
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